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Prague Social Science Studies

Prague Social Science Studies serves as a basis for the joint and coordinated publication of papers produced by the research oriented teams as well as by other research projects within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The PSSS is aimed to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of scientific and research activities. Each department has its own Editorial Board. The coordination of their publishing strategies is performed by the Editorial Group of Prague Social Science Studies.
The purpose of PSSS departments is to publish complete articles, which are usually intended for publication in refereed journal. They are distributed mostly via e-mail. The limited number of copies is printed while additional number can be printed upon request. All papers are reviewed by one internal and one external expert. All papers are professionally edited.
The editorial boards should provide short texts, which introduce each department. There should be also provided a link to a web page with contacts on Members of the editorial board as well as Instructions for authors and Rules of the review process.

Economic series
Media studies series
Political science series
Public policy and forecasting
Psychology series
Sociology series
Territorial studies series